As a Medicare certified unit, CMS expects your facility to keep facility details and personnel up to date. This ensures that the IPRO ESRD Network program is able to contact your facility in regards to important CMS, Network and QIA program information. It is imperative that this information is up-to-date at all times.

How to Update Facility Information in CROWNWeb

  1. From the Home screen, click the Facilities link. The Search Facilities screen displays.
  2. Enter the facility search criteria, and then click Search. The Facility Search Results screen displays a list of facilities that meet the search criteria.
  3. Click the CROWN Fac ID of the desired facility. The Facility Details (Submitted) screen displays information about the selected facility.
  4. Review the current information. To make changes, click Edit Facility. The Edit Facility Details(Submitted) screen displays.

  5. Make any necessary changes, and then click Submit.

How to Update Personnel Information in CROWNWeb

You have to be in CROWNWeb "Personnel" tab to update personnel information in CROWNWeb. Please verify facility/personnel contact information in CROWNWeb for

accuracy. Anyone with access to CROWNWeb can update facility personnel information. It is very important that personnel contact information (including name, Job Description,

JOBCODE, job title, e-mail, and phone number) for key staff members at your facility is kept up to date in CROWNWeb. The key staff members should be listed only with the Job

description and Job codes listed below. Transplant centers that do not have access to CROWNWeb can fax the information to your appropriate Network.

The Key staff members are:

Job Code
Facility Head Nurse/Nurse Supervisor
Facility Social Worker
Facility Dietitian
Facility Medical Director
Facility Administrator
Facility Nephrologist
Facility Data Contact

Review the facility details and personnel in CROWNWeb and make any necessary changes  If you need assistance, contact the Network by submitting a New Ticket above.