Patient Attributes and Related Treatment (PART) is a minimum set of patients’ personal information and treatment history from the admit/discharge, patient attributes and dialysis treatment information screens in the CROWNWeb system.

ALL FACILITIES, including those affiliated with a batch submitting organization (DaVita, DCI, FMC, and NRAA), are required to verify the PART by the 5th of each month.

Things to Know

  • Your facility’s PART should be verified by the 5th of each month. PART Verification for patients should be done on the same day, to ensure that the PART Verification reports that we send you are the most accurate.
  • The PART includes patients that are:
    • Permanent
    • Transient
    • Currently admitted
    • Discharged (within the past 30 days)
      • You must verify all patients on the PART, even your transient and discharged patients.
  • The PART includes the following patient information:
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Admit/discharge range
    • Current modality (Treatment)
    • Transient status
    • Current physician
  • You must verify all data populated on the PART.
  • You can use the Filter option on the PART to narrow your list of patients by category.
  • You can change the number of records that display per page.
  • For facilities affiliated with a batch submitting organization (BSO), there may be at least a week between a patient’s first treatment and when the patient is uploaded into CROWNWeb.

Step-by-Step PART Verification Guide

  1. From the CROWNWeb Home screen, click on the Patients tab in the main menu.
  2. Click on the PART tab in the blue sub-menu.
  3. Your facility should populate in the *Facility DBA Name field.
    • If not, click the drop-down arrow and select your facility or enter your facility CMS Certification Number in the Facility CCN field and click Go.
  4. Click Search. The screen will reload, and your PART will populate.
  5. Verify each patient’s data (there may be multiple pages to verify):
    • Admit/Discharge
    • Treatment
    • Transient status
  6. After you have completed step 5 for each patient, click the checkbox next to "Select All/None."
  7. Click Verify. Make sure all records updated the verification column on all pages.

Frequent Issues

Issue 1: There is a patient listed twice on the PART.

  • This patient may have a duplicated treatment record. Navigate to the patient’s treatment summary and make any necessary corrections.
  • This patient may have a duplicate record. Navigate to each attributes page to verify the UPI. If the UPIs are different, contact the QualityNet Help Desk or your local ESRD Network.

Issue 2: There is a patient missing from the PART.

  • If the patient is permanent and was previously on the PART but isn’t now, navigate to the patient’s admit/discharge summary to see if the patient has been "system discharged" (meaning, another facility’s admission caused a discharge from your unit). If so, contact that facility to update the patient’s transient status for that facility’s admission. Then remove the discharge information from your facility’s admission.
  • If the patient never showed up on the PART, he/she has not yet been admitted. Admit the patient. (If your facility is affiliated with a BSO, contact your BSO help desk. Remember, patients admitted to a BSO facility may not show up on the PART for at least a week after the first treatment.)

Issue 3: There is a patient on the PART that never treated at this unit.

  • If the patient was meant to treat at your facility, but for some reason never showed up, the admission may have been batched in by your facility’s BSO. Contact your BSO help desk, the QualityNet Help Desk, or your local ESRD Network.

Issue 4: The facility does not have access to CROWNWeb.

  • Register with QIMS. Use our registration knowledge item to access our Registration Checklist.

Issue 5: The facility is affiliated with a BSO and has been told not to touch CROWNWeb.

  • PART verification cannot be completed via batch. It is the facility-level user’s responsibility to verify the PART manually. And data issues that you may find during the verification process can be reported to your facility’s BSO help desk.

For a step-by-step tutorial, navigate to My CROWNWeb's PART Data presentation.