Transient patient defined as managed at the facility for 30 days or less or 13 treatments or less. Admit these patients as transient. The steps to admit transient patients are:

  1. From the Home screen, click the Patients link. The Search for Patients screen displays.
  2. Click the Admit Patient link. The Admit Patient screen displays.
  3. Enter or select the required information. Ensure that Transfer In is selected as the Admit Reason, and Yes is selected for the Transient Status.
  4. Enter or select the required information regarding the Transient Reason and Transient Address, and then click Next. The Patient Admission Confirmation screen displays.
  5. Click Accept. The Admit a Patient - Add Treatment Information screen displays. Enter the patient's dialysis treatment information, and then clickNext. The Edit Patient Attributes screen displays.
  6. The message This Patient was an exact match for the New Patient info you entered displays. Review the patient's pre-populated attributes data, and click Submit. The View Patient Details Submitted screen displays.