CROWNWeb provides a list of personnel with detail information.

The Network recommends verifying the personnel information at least once quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October. Click here for the steps to view facility personnel.

The personnel verification requirements are to ensure all appropriate personnel listed, Nephrologist have accurate NPI or UPIN, and phone numbers and email address are accurate for key personnel. Key personnel are:

  • Facility Administrator
  • Facility Data Contact
  • Facility Dietitian
  • Facility Head Nurse/Nurse Supervisor
  • Facility Medical Director
  • Facility Nephrologist
  • Facility Social Worker
  • Facility Disaster Contact
  • Facility Disaster Contact Back-up
  • Personnel completing CMS 2746 form

Here is a list of resources to assist with verifying personnel:

Add facility personnel

Add position

Delete personnel

Modify personnel information

Inactivate facility personnel