You have to be in CROWNWeb and navigate to the “Personnel” option under the "Facilities" tab to update personnel information in CROWNWeb. Please verify facility/personnel contact information in CROWNWeb for accuracy. Anyone with access to CROWNWeb can update facility personnel information. It is very important that personnel contact information (including name, Job Description, JOBCODE, job title, email, and phone number) for key staff members at your facility is kept up to date in CROWNWeb. The key staff members should be listed only with the Job description and Job codes listed below.

The Key staff members are

Job Description
Facility Head Nurse/Nurse Supervisor
Facility Social Worker
Facility Dietitian
Facility Medical Director
Facility Administrator
Facility Nephrologist
Facility Data Contact

CROWNWeb is the Network’s source for facility personnel contact information. As an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with our community, the Network relies on e-mail to send critical information. 

The "Personnel" screen under the "Facilities" tab in CROWNWeb is divided in to three sections:

  • Key Personnel Info – Complete all the requested information.
  • Positions – Create as many positions as required. If any personnel change their position, e.g. Medical Director, remove the position. Do not delete the personnel or inactivate them. One can add and remove as many positions as possible.
  • Personnel Contact Info – Email is required.