The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) transient patient policy indicates that a patient is transient if he/she is treated at a unit for less than 30 days OR less than 13 treatments. A transient patient that stays at a unit for more than 30 days or more than 13 treatments must be counted as a permanent patient. The facility must record the permanent admission date as the date of the first treatment. Please see below information on how to find and correct patients’ transient status.

All facilities, including those affiliated with a batch submitting organization (DaVita, DCI, FMC, and NRAA), should review patient admissions in CROWNWeb for inaccurate transient status.

Steps to Find and Correct Patients’ Transient Status 

1) From the CROWNWeb Home screen, click on the Patients tab in the main menu. 

2) Click on the PART tab in the blue sub-menu. 

Your facility should populate in the *Facility DBA Name field. If not, click the drop-down arrow and select your facility or enter your facility CMS Certification Number in the Facility CCN field and click Go. 

3) Click Search. The screen will reload, and your PART will populate. 

4) Review the transient status of your listed patients. 

5) For those patients whose transient status is incorrect: 

· Click the hyperlinked admission range. This will take you to the admission record. 

· Click the Edit Admit/Discharge tab in the gray sub-menu. 

· Change the patient’s transient status "NO". 

· Click Submit.


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Are Transient patients admitted for longer than 30 days (or 13 treatments) automatically transferred to permanent status?


No. After more than 30 days (or 13 treatments), the facility must edit the Admit/Discharge record.  The facility must change the Transient status from Yes to No to make the admission permanent, back to the date of first admission.  This will discharge the patient from the Home facility as of this date.