Step 1: In CROWNweb, click on Form 2744 tab. Click “add new 2744”. Enter your facility Medicare Number and click on “Go” go to populate the facility name. Enter the survey year. Then click “Add”. Once the form opens up, enter Patients Awaiting Transplant information. Then click “generate” to generate counts for patients. Click “Save”  to save the form. If there are errors or warnings, then these need to be resolved. Patient information has to be updated to resolve these errors. Once all the errors are cleared, the form 2744 can be “regenerated” to show corrections. The form can be regenerated as many times as needed. When the form is finally completed click “submit for Acceptance”.

Step2: The Network verifies the data and then “Accepts” the form. If the Network rejects the form there will be comments to guide you. The final survey, in balance and with no errors, must be resubmitted to the Network.

Step3: Once the Network accepts the form, the facility receives a notice.

Step4: The Network will complete the form as “Finalized”.

The “transplant performed” report on the left provides information on all transplants performed at your facility. Complete any missing data or corrections or additions. Update the Medicare eligibility status after viewing the “Transplant and Medicare eligibility status” report. Field numbers 51 & 52 (transplant waiting list) must be manually completed, as they are not generated from CROWNWeb.