Information on CROWNWeb

CROWNWeb is a web-based data-collection system that has shifted how Medicare-certified dialysis and transplantation centers submit important ESRD data to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Facilities use CROWNWeb to report patient treatment summaries, activity reports, CMS forms, monthly clinical data, and more to CMS in real time. Reporting patient data through CROWNWeb helps reduce the time that it takes CMS to gather and analyze data that can be used to develop programs and plans to aid efforts in improving patients’ overall quality of care.

What is CROWNWeb?

CROWNWeb, the national ESRD patient registry & quality measure reporting system is a Web-based data-collection system mandated by CMS to enable dialysis facilities to meet Section 494.180(h) of the 2008 updated Conditions for Coverage for ESRD Dialysis Facilities, which calls for the electronic submission of administrative and clinical data by all Medicare-certified dialysis facilities in the United States. The CROWNWeb system is used to collect clinical performance measures data from dialysis facilities and to help the renal community receive more complete and accurate data about dialysis patients. To view a video presentation about CROWNWeb, please click the image to the right or here to view “CROWNWeb: History, Purpose, and Usage”, a video produced by the CROWNWeb Outreach, Communications, and Training (OCT) team.