You must enter the Date of Death and Primary Cause of Death under Patient Attributes page in order to view the 2746 link to submit a CMS-2746 Form.

If you cannot edit a CMS-2746 Form, you may not have a Facility Editor role, OR the form may have already been submitted.

Patient will be out of your facility scope after 14 days. If you cannot edit the Patient attributes page after 14 days to enter DOD and COD, email the UPI, DOD and COD to the IPRO support help desk.  We will enter that information for you within one day.  This triggers the 2746 link in CROWNWeb to add the CMS-2746 Form. Do not fax the 2746 form to the Network.

Only saved CMS-2746 Forms can be deleted.

The CMS-2746 Form cannot be edited after submission. You will need to contact the QualityNet Help Desk to make any changes.