In order to create a new facility in the Network Service Area / CROWNWeb please open ticket in our Customer Support portal.  We then will support you in establishing your facility with access to systems required by CMS under the ESRD Network program.  The action items and suggested completion dates below can be used as a guide to ensure you have completed all steps to be successful in reporting data and participating in Network activities.  Please comply with these timelines to ensure accurate data reporting.  Accurate data reporting is important so your facility is not penalized under ESRD Quality Incentive Program.  As you complete each step, enter the date completed and the name of the person that completed the activity in the column and notify the Network of completion through FreshDesk.   


Once you submit the ticket we will send you New Facility Welcome Letter which is an overview of helpful information as well as the New Facility Information Form which should be completed as part of step 1 in the action items below.  In addition a New Facility Participation Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) is also provided which should be completed as part of step 3.   You can use the following table for your tracking.  




Action Required

Time to be Completed

Date Completed:

Completed   By:


Complete the New Facility Information Form.  This will allow the Network to obtain required fields to create a facility in CROWNWeb. 

In One Day




Reply to this email and forward CMS Certification Letter containing the facility’s CMS Certification Number (CCN) to the ESRD Network if it was not already received by the Network from state surveyor.

When received




Send "Facility Participation Agreement"  This is often asked for during re-certification by state surveyors. (Do not forget to enter name and CCN number)

Within a week of notice to the Network




Receive a hard copy New Facility Educational packet via regular mail. Review materials and hang grievance poster in a prominent location in the facility.  The grievance poster is often an area that is noted during re-certification by state surveyors.  

Within two weeks




Once the Network adds your facility to CROWNWeb, the Network will provide more information to sign up for CROWNWeb access. If your facility belongs to FKC, DaVita or DCI, you will also need to obtain access to submit data by batch submission. Contact your corporation or NRAA for submitting data via batch.


A guide to complete registration for this CMS application can be accessed using this link:

Within a week of facility being added to the CROWNWeb




Obtain access to Quality Incentive Program (QIP) in order to download performance Score Reports and Performance Score Certificates. This is part of obtaining the CROWNWeb access mentioned above.

Within a week of facility being added to the CROWNWeb




Submit data to CROWNWeb on monthly basis as outlined in the CROWNWeb Data Management Guidelines

Within a month




Obtain access to the National Health Safety Network (NHSN) via SAMS to accurately report data in NHSN.  After obtaining access to NHSN, confer rights to the ESRD Network.  You need Network User Id and Password to confer rights.  Please send email to the Network. 


A checklist for registration can be accessed using this link:


Begin submitting data to NHSN based on your certification date.

Within a month




Obtain access to the Dialysis Facility Reports. The MAH Password is created between 3-6 months. For more information visit the website.