The success of QIA projects depends in part of a good and timely communication between the ESRD Network and facility staff leading project activities. 

Sometimes, facility staff changes and new personnel takes charge of the project. It is important that the ESRD Network is aware of those contact changes.

Here are efficient ways of keeping the ESRD Network updated when staff changes:

  1. Create a new FreshDesk ticket in this link to notify the Network about any changes - REQUIRED FOR QIA PROJECTS CONTACTS in addition to changing in CROWNWeb - ** Please include your CCN number when submitting a ticket**

  2. To add a new personnel in CROWNWeb (follow this link for instructions)

  3. To delete personnel no longer at the facility in CROWNWeb (follow this link for instructions)

  4. To edit or modify existing personnel by entering correct email address (follow this link for instructions)