The ESRD Network of the South Atlantic (GA, NC, SC) has designed a BSI QIA Project Progress Report that includes your facility progress towards the project goal and your facility participation in project specific interventions. 

  • Project contacts - the email of the Project Lead, NHSN contact, Medical Director and Facility Administrator. These are the contacts receiving this report and a ticket should be opened if any of these contacts are no longer accurate.

  • The first section of the progress report provides information related to your Positive Blood Culture (PBC) count, number of patients and your PBC Rate along with a facility comparison to the Network and State Rates. The second section of the Progress Report shows your facility involvement with the required project interventions. Additionally, this document could serve as your evidence of participation in case a State Surveyor should ask you for it.

  • Intervention/Activity Complete - the facility receives a Y (yes) or N (no) for completion of required project activities. When an activity is in progress, you may see a P (for pending) if the activity has not been completed as of the progress report release date, and the due date has not yet passed for completion of the activity. For activities that have not yet been released to facilities for completion, you will see a dash (-). 

  • Facility Achievement Level - Interventions/Activities are to be completed on a quarterly basis meaning to achieve: "Champion" level" - the facility will need to complete all required interventions and activities by March 30, 2020, to achieve the "Hero" level- the facility will need to complete all required interventions and activities for the second quarter by June 30, 2020 and to achieve the "Superhero" level for the third quarter by September 30, 2020. 

    How often will I receive a progress report?

  • This report is released every month to summarize the performance of the month before (for example, everything that happens in January will be captured in the February report). The first report of the year will be launched in February and the last one in October (to summarize the month of September).

  • The Network launches this report after data is received, for which may be the 3rd week of the month. 


    How will I receive it?

  • The report will be sent as a PDF attachment via email to the contacts provided from the email address with the subject line BSI Progress Report"

    What should I do with this document?

  • Discuss with your IDT team - use this Progress Report to share with your team during huddles or QAPI meetings your facility progress in this project.

  • State Surveyor Agency (SSA) - keep a paper or electronic version of your most recent Progress Report. Upon a SSA visit, they might request evidence of your facility participation with a Network project. This document is your evidence of participation. 


    To change a contact email or for further clarification, please submit a ticket by using this link