New users can create a HARP account by going to to At least two facility users should have EQRS access at all times.   When you click to sign up you will be required to enter your profile information for identity proofing.  User must provide profile information including you name, date of birth, email address, physical address, phone number and social security number (manual proofing can be completed instead of using your SSN).  

Learn more about registering for a HARP account by watching this 4 minute video.  

Learn more about manual proofing by watching this 2 minute video. 

HARP is a secure identity management portal provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Creating an account via HARP provides users with a user ID and password that can be used to access many CMS applications. 

There are two types of roles in HARP.  

  • The Security Official (SO) role can serve as the SO over multiple organizations.  This person is responsible to approve or deny additional SO and End User role requests for a specific organization.  The SO must have an End User role to perform tasks in the EQRS application.  They cannot approve their own End User role request
  • The End User performs tasks within CMS applications, such as EQRS. They may have a user role and scope over multiple organizations.    

To learn more about requesting and managing roles in EQRS, review the HCQIS Access Roles and Provide (HARP) Training and the HARP Quick Start Guide.    

The QualityNet helpdesk is available to provide assistance and answer questions at Email:, Phone: 1-866-288-8912, or TRS: 711.