Medicare-certified facilities are required to complete the CMS Annual Facility Survey (Form 2744) each year. 

The 2744 collects admits, discharges, treatments, and staff numbers for the previous calendar year. 

1. Log in to EQRS --> Facilities --> Form 2744

2. Select the correct Survey Year for the 2744 (the prior calendar year)

3. Search for your 2744:

   Missing (if it has not been created yet); click ADD to create new 2744

   Existing (if returning to work on 2744); click VIEW to enter an existing 2744


 4. IMPORTANT: the 2744 will not show the most current data until you click EDIT --> Generate

     Do this each time you modify patient data from the 2744 survey year. 

5. The 2744 shows the summary/total of all patients in the facility during the 2744 survey year. 

    Review each field to make sure it is showing accurate data.

    If you see discrepancies, run the Patient Roster Report and Patient Events Report to identify which patient records need 


    Click Generate to refresh the data after updates are made to patient records.

6. Complete the following fields manually by entering totals for the 2744 survey year.

 7. Review the Remarks/Comments for anything that needs attention. 

     Make sure the Date Generated is current.

     Make sure there are no Errors or Warnings listed.

       Warnings can be resolved if you leave a comment addressing it.

        Errors must be resolved, do NOT Submit the 2744 without resolving any Errors. 

            Review the Resolving Errors & Warnings Instructions or open a FreshDesk Ticket for assistance. 

Do NOT submit with any Errors!

8. Check the status of your 2744 to view the Reason why it may have been rejected:

2744 Status Types:

- Final: facility submitted, Network has not reviewed it yet

- Accepted: Network accepted the 2744 as done, will Finalize

- FINALIZED: Network has Finalized the 2744, facility is done for the year

- Rejected: Network rejected the 2744 for a research described in the 'Reason' section of the screenshot below

- Re-Opened: Help Desk reopened the 2744 at the Network's request, as per the facility's request

Do NOT submit with any Errors!