'Possible Duplicate Or Near Match' EQRS Admit Warning

Modified on Mon, 26 Jun 2023 at 04:06 PM

Updated 6/26/2023

If you see this Warning when trying to admit a patient into EQRS...

  • It can be because the patient does not have an SSN. If that is the case, submit the applicable Form below and the Network will assist you.

  • If the patient DOES have an SSN, it means that the patient information you are entering does not match the patient information already in EQRS.
    • Typos are the most common reason why this happens. 
    • Patient has or is missing MBI/SSN information.
    • Patient name is misspelled (‘Bob’ or ‘ROBERT’ instead of ‘Robert’).
    • Patient has 2 last names (with or without a “ – “ separating them).
    • Patient date of birth is ‘off’ by one number.
  • Search for the patient to make sure they are not already admitted.
  • Check the patient’s Medicare Card and ID to get the correct info.
  • Confirm with the prior facility how the patient info should appear in EQRS (ask if they can provide you a screenshot [securely]!)
  • Use the correct Admit Reason listed in the Admitting and Discharging Patients article.

If you are still unable to admit the patient submit the Form below and the Network will admit the patient into your facility/center:


DaVita facilities: 
  • Create a Ticket in TMSS --> VillageWeb -->Teammate Self Service --> Issues & Requests --> IT Issues --> Software Related IT Issues --> General --> "EQRS" 

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