The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has required the Networks to support  Influenza Vaccination endeavor by monitoring each facility's patient vaccination data reported in EQRS / billing data to assure that every facility achieves the goal of vaccinating their eligible patients.   To assure you achieve the goal the Network has set the target at 90% of your eligible patients.

There are only two CMS accepted exclusions to influenza vaccination administration: 
    • Allergic or adverse  reaction
    • Other Medical Conditions
Regardless of whether the patient is vaccinated in the dialysis facility or another location (private MD, pharmacy or nursing home/long term care) all vaccination administration must be documented in EQRS.  Please see attached job aide for instructions.

If the patient has not received the influenza vaccination this must also be documented with the reason for the exclusion identified. Patients who meet the CMS exemption criteria will be removed from the facility eligible population.

Update 4/13/2022