The ESRD Network Data Team handles issues related to front-end processing in EQRS, including but not limited to:

  • Possible Duplicate Patients
  • Provision of Master Account Holder (MAH) Credentials
  • NHSN data quality and QIP reporting issues
  • Entry of New Facilities into EQRS
  • Guidance/Assistance with Admits/Discharges, Gap Patients, System Discharges, Missing Clinical, etc.

The IPRO ESRD Network provides technical assistance using a customer support system. This system is in place for all of your data submission needs for various systems such as CMS systems including EQRS, NHSN, Dialysis Data, or QIP. We also support Facilities in participating in Qualty Improvement Activities including using IPRO Learn.  

Search the available Solutions on the Support Portal. You can browse the different knowledge items and frequently asked questions before submitting a new service request.  

Register for the IPRO ESRD Network Support Portal, by selecting "Sign Up".  After registering, you will be able to quickly and easily submit questions and requests for assistance from Network staff.