Updated 2/13/2023

Patients diagnoses as ESRD should be entered into EQRS.

Acute/AKI patients should NOT be entered into EQRS.

If the facility admits a patient who is later determined to be Acute:

  • Make sure the Admit Reason is New ESRD
  • Discharge the patient using Acute as the Discharge Reason
    • Use the earliest Discharge Date possible
  • Because patients cannot be deleted from EQRS:
    • Add any missing Treatment Info
    • Delete the 2728 Form (if in SAVED status)
    • *2728 Forms are only for ESRD patients*

If patient becomes ESRD at a later date:

  1. Admit again as New ESRD
  2. Add Treatment Info that matches the new admission
  3. Request Network assistance to modify the 2728 Form (if a prior 2728 has been submitted)

IMPORTANT: Patients who receive a Transplant are NOT Acute. They will forever be ESRD.