EQRS Vaccinations: Patient Influenza (flu) and Pneumococcal (pneumonia) Vaccines in EQRS

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Updated 2/21/2024

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires each facility to report patient vaccination data into EQRS for:

This is separate from NHSN required reporting:

  • COVID-19 Vaccinations (Patients & Staff)
  • Influenza (flu) Staff

2/7/2024: NEW EQRS Vaccinations Dashboards!

  • Patient Flu & Patient Pneumo Vaccinations can now be viewed in real-time in EQRS!
  • Log into EQRS à Reports à Reports Dashboards à Select Influenza or Pneumococcal


  • Scroll to see your facility’s list of patients and each of their [flu] or [pneumo] vaccination status.
  • Export the list to Excel/CSV to sort, filter, review with your team.
  • Updates to patient vaccination info should appear instantly on the Dashboard!

Training Video from 2/22/2023

To enter patient vaccination information into EQRS:

  1. Log into EQRS: https://eqrs.cms.gov/
  2. Go to the Patients drop-down and search for patient
  3. Click Vaccinations in the list of options on the Left

Expand each Vaccinations section to View or Add Vaccination Information


All (or Edit) all Data for the patient

The only exclusions for patient "not receiving vaccination" are: 

  • Medical Reason - Allergic or Adverse Reaction
  • Declined - Religious/Philosophical 

If the patient experienced Adverse Reaction to the vaccine indicate that here:

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