Any entity can maintain a Group in NHSN (state health departments, dialysis networks, quality improvement organizations, etc.).  

  • Facilities can share data with these partners and agencies using NHSN’s Group function
  • Facilities join and provide access to data requested by Group within the NHSN application
  • A facility that joins a Group does not have access to any data from other facilities in the Group
  • Facilities may join multiple Groups


To join a group, the facilities must have the groups 5-digit ID number and are protected by a joining password set by the Group Administrator.


A Group should provide facilities that would like to join:

  1. The Group’s 5-digit NHSN ID number
  2. The Group’s joining password


Administrative-level users in the facility select Group and then Join on the NHSN navigation bar to join a Group.

IPRO ESRD Network Program Job ai for Joining a Group and Accepting the Confer Rights Template instructions to learn more.