2744 Checking Status

Modified on Tue, Mar 5 at 1:28 PM

Updated 3/5/2024

1. Log in to EQRS https://eqrs.cms.gov/ --> Facilities --> Form 2744

2. Select the correct Survey Year for the 2744 (the prior calendar year)

3. Search for your 2744:

   Missing (if it has not been created yet); click ADD to create new 2744

   Existing (if returning to work on 2744); click VIEW to enter an existing 2744

4. Check the status of your 2744 to view the Reason why it may have been rejected:

2744 Status Types:

- Submitted: facility submitted, Network has not reviewed it yet,

- Accepted: Network accepted the 2744 as done, will Finalize,

- FINALIZED: Network has Finalized the 2744, facility is done for the year,

- Rejected: Network rejected the 2744 for reason described in the Status Change Update in the screenshot below,

- Re-Opened: Network reopened the 2744, as per facility's request,

- Missing: Facility has not yet started the 2744. 

Do NOT submit with any Errors!


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