EQRS Compliance: Dialysis Facility Best Practices

Modified on Mon, 21 Mar 2022 at 01:00 PM

What Best Practices can you share about successfully meeting EQRS Compliance?

In February 2022, the Network used IPRO Learn to survey dialysis facilities on what Best Practices they use to meet EQRS Data Compliance. Here is what they shared!

Teamwork & Communication

  • Have the whole team responsible for compliance and submission of 2728/2746 Forms.
  • Have good communication with the people that directly affect the work needed to meet EQRS compliance: nursing staff inputting information into the computer, and staff that works with doctors on signing the 2728 Forms.
  • Assign a capable and responsible person to complete the task is important, as well as having a back-up person to perform the tasks whenever the primary person is unavailable.
  • Define the responsibilities involved in the Forms completion process and holding the staff member accountable for the tasks. 
  • Ensure the contact person at the doctor's offices knows about 2728 Forms the doctor needs to sign.
  • Outreach to hospitals ASAP to get COD (Cause of Death), or use ’99 Unknown’ if not available.

Scheduling & Organizing

  • Budget time to place a priority on submission of Forms in a timely manner.
  • Complete the Form on the day of filing the care plan will help remember each patient.
  • Create a calendar of activities where tasks are plotted to help the person completing Forms.    
  • Log into EQRS on a weekly basis to see if there are any outstanding Forms that need to be submitted. 
  • Keep organized, using checklists to ensure everything is done.
  • Set an alert and reminder of events a few days before the deadline.
  • The best practice for successful EQRS compliance is inputting the patient into EQRS the day of admission and completing the 2728 that day.
  • We try to stay on top of things by using an Excel sheet where we keep track of tasks that need to be completed.
  • We check which patients have been admitted/discharged each day and update EQRS as needed in real-time.

CMS Requirements & Training

  • Provide re-education to staff on timely admission of data into EQRS.
    1. [Admit with 5 business days], [2728 Form within 45 days], [2746 Form within 14 days]
  • Make sure you have the information needed [all required fields] to submit all Forms timely.

Bonus: Network Staff Best Practices Suggestions

  • At least 2 staff members per 50 patients should have access to EQRS.
  • Remember only 2728 Form needs signature; 2746 Form does not need any signatures.
  • Review reports sent by the Network that shows missing 2728 and 2746 Forms.
  • Run the Patient Roster Report regularly to see which patients need to be admitted.
  • Do not admit Acute patients into EQRS.

Updated 3/20/2022

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