Updated 3/15/2023

Dialysis in Support of Transplant 


  • This Admit Reason should be used when providing ‘kick-start’ dialysis to transplant patients
  • It does not discharge the patient from their Transplant Center

After the patient completes ‘kick-start’ dialysis, the facility can discharge them as one of 2 new discharge reasons:

  1. Delayed Function Resolved following a Transplant: 
    • This is when dialysis support is no longer needed; transplant kidney works as expected 
  2. Delayed Function Unresolved following a Transplant: 
    • This is when dialysis support was not successful, and the transplant kidney fails to work
    • If function is UNRESOLVED, the transplant center can then discharge the patient as Transplant Failed
    • The Dialysis facility can then admit patient as Dialysis after Transplant Failed

After admitting as Transplant Failed --> Notify the Network to change the Transplant Status to "Non-Functioning" so you can complete the Re-Entitlement 2728 Form (if txp failed after 3 years).