Updated 6/6/2023

A transplant center's EQRS user with the Transplant Editor Role can perform the following activities in EQRS, without Network intervention!

If you need to Admit a patient into your Transplant Center:
- Log into EQRS https://eqrs.cms.gov/globalapp/
- Click on Patients (top banner)

- Search for the patient to make sure they are not currently admitted into your facility

- Admit Patient using one of 2 admit reasons:

   - Use NEW ESRD if patient has never received any ESRD Treatment (dialysis nor transplant) in the United State 

   - Use TRANSPLANT if patient DID previously receive dialysis or transplant treatment IN the United States

- Admit Date should be the date of transplant surgery (NOT the hospital admission)

- Enter ALL required information including SSN and MBI if available, update patient address, race, ethnicity, as needed.

- Enter Treatment (donor type), Functioning Status, and nephrologist 

    - Let the Network know if correct nephrologist is not listed, we will add for you

- Save/Submit

If you need to report a Transplant FAILED Event, you can do so directly in EQRS:
- Find the patient in EQRS
- Click on Admissions (on the left)
- Click on the Admit Date to your center
- Edit
- Add the Discharge Reason: Transplant Failed
- Add the Discharge Date
- Save/Submit
- Click on Treatment (on the left)
- Click on the Admit Date to your center
- Click on the Treatment Start Date to your center
- Edit
- Change the Transplant Status to "NON-Functioning"
- Save/Submit

If you need to report a Patient Death in EQRS:
- Find the patient in EQRS
- Click on Patient (on the left)
- Edit 
- Scroll down to the Medical Information section
- Enter Effective Date: Same as Date of Death
- Enter Date of Death
- Enter Cause of Death
- Save/Submit

- If Date of Death [less than 3 years] after Transplant, complete the 2746 Form:
- Find the patient in EQRS
- Click on 2746 Form (on the left)
- Edit 
- Complete required fields
- Submit

If you need EQRS access to perform these steps, please see here: https://help.esrd.ipro.org/support/solutions/articles/9000224578-harp-and-eqrs-access-transplant-centers

If you have trouble with any of the steps above, please submit the REDCap Form and we will assist: https://redcap.ipro.org/surveys/?s=AR4PATFFMJ