New as of 2/16/2023

Updated 3/8/2023

A Transplant Editor Role can [should be able to]:

  • Admit Patients into YOUR transplant center in EQRS
  • Search for any ESRD Patient
  • View your transplant center Dashboard to:
    • Fix items listed: (2728s, 2746s, 2744 Annual Facility Survey)
    • Run & update 2744 Reports
  • Search for any Facility, but: 
    • Cannot edit other facility info
    • Cannot edit OWN facility info [YET]
  • Can search for Personnel, but: 
    • Cannot Add/Edit Personnel [YET] 

  • For your CURRENT patient, the Transplant Editor can:
    • Add/submit/print 2728 Forms
    • Add/submit/print 2746 Forms
    • Edit Demographics to add Date of Death (DOD) and Cause of Death (COD)
    • Edit Discharge Info (to add 'Transplant Failed' & Date)
    • Edit Treatment: (Functioning --> Non-Functioning)
    • View clinical data & depression screening

  • If NOT a Current Patients, the Transplant Editor Can:
    • View Patient Demographics
    • View Clinical data
    • View Depression screening
    • Print Submitted 2728 & 2746 Forms
    • Cannot Edit patient info.


To apply as a Transplant Center's Transplant Editor for EQRS, follow the steps below.

Brand new users must first create a HARP account by going to to

Use the new HARP account to:

Request EQRS Access

  1. Sign in with HARP Credentials
  2. Request Access: Transplant --> EQRS

3. Search for the Transplant center Name

4. Select Role: Transplant EDITOR --> Add --> Submit Request

5. The request will go to your ESRD Network for approval

6. IMPORTANT: You must remove any prior access you had in EQRS

My Access --> EQRS

7. Remove ALL/ANY Other Access you see listed.

Your new Transplant Editor role will not work otherwise.

For questions to the Network, please submit a Ticket:

The QualityNet helpdesk is available, Phone: 1-866-288-8912, or TRS: 711.