1. Go to the Facilities Tab

  • From the EQRS Dashboard, click Facilities --> Personnel.


2. Add Personnel * 

  • In the LEFT navigation select Personnel --> Add Personnel
  • Expand each section to enter person's information.

Personnel Information

  • Include the Name, Credentials, and Contact Information
  • NPI (Network Provider Identifier) is required for nephrologist/physicians/surgeons to be added as Personnel. **



  • Search and select your facility
  • Select the appropriate Job Description, then Add Position
    • Add as many as needed for that staff person
  • When all positions have been Added, click Review.

3. Submit Personnel Update

  • Review the information you added for that staff person. 
  • Make any Edits if necessary.
  • When all information is correct click Submit.

* Repeat these steps for every staff member you want to add to EQRS

** For nephrologist names to appear on the 2728 Form they must be added to your facility's Personnel in EQRS.

Article updated 9/24/2021