Updated 1/25/2023

To Notify your ESRD Network of Personnel Changes:

1. Review the Facility Personnel list IPRO Network is using, by logging in here: 

PW: your facility's CCN

2. Make updates as needed to any of the Staff on the list, and make sure the Network has contact information for the following Key Personnel:
There could be multiple people in the same Role, which will help improve communications between your facility and the Network: 
- Facility Administrator
- Head Nurse
- Social Worker
- Medical Director
- EQRS User
- Emergency Contact

The IPRO ESRD Facility Contacts Management System provides Dialysis Facilities and Transplant Centers the ability to maintain personnel associated with their facility. The Network uses this information to communicate important CMS updates and provide support during an emergent event.  Use the system to view, edit, add and delete personnel associated with your facility any time staff changes happen.  

The link to the system is: https://c1abd801.caspio.com/dp/4ebb7000068d9ae2c0504631875a .  Please save the link as a favorite on your desktop to access it easily.

The following are a list of job codes that represent personnel types the Network tracks:  

*Facility Medical Director

*Facility Administrator

*Facility Head Nurse / Nurse Supervisor

*Facility Social Worker

Facility Dietitian

*Facility Data EQRS Contact

Facility Emergency Management Coordinator

Facility Email

Facility Technician

Facility NHSN Contact 

Facility Back Up Emergency Management Coordinator

Regional Director of Operations

Regional Quality Manager

 Regional/Divisional Vice President

Facility Home Program Manager

Facility Home Therapy Lead

Facility Transplant Lead

Facility Vascular Access Lead

Facility Infection Prevention Lead



*Transplant Center Administrator

*Transplant Center Coordinator

*Transplant Center Data Contact

*Transplant Center Medical Director

Transplant Center Nephrologist

Transplant Center Social Worker

Transplant Center Surgeon


*Key Personnel

Login: IPROESRD   Dialysis Facility Password: Six Digit facility CCN   / Transplant Center and Veterans Administration Password: 9 digit Facility ID from EQRS

Once you login, validate your facility demographic information is accurate.  To make adjustment to personnel complete the following:

  • Add - The first row is pre-populated with facility demographics.  Populate the First Name, Last Name, job code type, email and phone number. Click Add.
  • Edit - Select the edit button at the right of the screen, All fields become editable, click update once completed.
  • Delete – Select the delete button and confirm you want to delete the record.

 For additional assistance search the Knowledge Base at help.esrd.ipro.org or submit a ticket for support.



Updated 1/19/2022