Updated 5/26/2023

If a first-time New ESRD patient starts treatment on a home modality at your facility, the Primary Dialysis Setting should be "Home."

If NEW ESRD Patient is Training for a Home Modality:

  • DO enter "Home" as the Primary Dialysis Setting
  • DO enter Training Type, Start Date, End Date if the patient trained at your facility
  • Do NOT put "Dialysis Facility/Center" as the Primary Dialysis Setting
  • Do NOT report 'backup hemodialysis' if incenter dialysis treatment will be for less than 30 days/13 treatments

The Example below shows incorrect Treatment/Setting information for a patient training for Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) on 4/24/2023.

  • Primary Dialysis Setting should be "Home."To fix:
    • Click Treatments
    • Click on the Admit Date
    • Click on the Treatment Start Date
    • Edit
    • Change the Primary Dialysis Setting to "Home"
    • Save/Submit