Updated 12/30/2022

CMS requires facilities to indicate in EQRS which patients are considered to be 'nursing home patients.'

  • Log into EQRS https://eqrs.cms.gov/
  • From the Dashboard select Patients (top banner)
  • Search for the patient
  • Go Demographics page and EDIT the Contact Information 
  • Indicate whether the patient's address is a nursing home. 

Remember to update this information if the patient moves out of a nursing home setting.

Report the correct Treatment Setting for patients in a Nursing Home, SNF, Long Term Care Facility.

  • Log in to EQRS https://eqrs.cms.gov/
  • From the Dashboard select Patients (top banner)
  • Search for the patient
  • Go to Treatments
  • Click on the most current Admit Date for your facility
  • Go to Treatment Summary (bottom)
  • Click on the most current Treatment Start Date
  • Click on EDIT or add New Treatment if needed 
    • Do not change historic treatment data unless it is incorrect
    • Use New Treatment button to enter new data whenever patient changes modalities


  • Verify that the Treatment Start Date is correct


  • Verify that the Primary Dialysis Setting is correct
    • Home: Patient receive hemodialysis or peritoneal (PD) treatment in their residence as defined by their permanent address.  
    • Dialysis Facility/Center: Patient travels to outpatient dialysis facility 3x per week to receive treatment.
    • SNF/Long Term Care Facility: Patient is receiving this dialysis treatment in a Skilled Nursing Facility (short term) within a Long Term Care Facility. This may or may not be the patient’s permanent address.





  • Verify Dialysis Time Period
    • Nocturnal: Slow, longer hemodialysis treatment that takes place at night while you sleep.
    • Daytime: Dialysis while patient is awake. 
  • Verify the Primary Type of Treatment
    • Hemodialysis (include Sessions Per Week and Time Per Sessions (minutes))
    • CAPD
    • CCPD


  • Verify Attending Practitioner information


  • Verify Type of Dialysis Training information ONLY IF patient TRAINED for this Treatment modality
    • Hemodialysis: only if patient trained for home dialysis
    • CAPD: usually requires Training if CAPD is patient’s NEW home modality
    • CCPD: usually requires Training if CCPD is patient’s NEW home modality


  • Dialysis Training Start Date and Dialysis Training End Date should be populated IF patient TRAINED