Updated 5/24/2023

Identify when and where each patient receives his/her dialysis treatment. 

When did they actually start dialysis? Do they travel into the community for dialysis treatment? Do they get bedside peritoneal dialysis or “home dialysis” (frequent hemodialysis treatments)?

Follow the screenshots below to make all necessary entries in EQRS to each patient’s record.

Perform this EQRS patient contact information data review each month.

  • Log in to EQRS https://eqrs.cms.gov/
  • From the Dashboard select Patients (top banner)
  • Search for the patient
  • Go to Treatments
  • Click on the most current Admit Date for your facility
  • Go to Treatment Summary (bottom)
  • Click on the most current Treatment Start Date
  • Click on EDIT or add New Treatment if needed 
    • Do not change historic treatment data unless it is incorrect
    • Use New Treatment button to enter new data whenever patient changes modalities


  • Verify that the Treatment Start Date is correct


  • Verify that the Primary Dialysis Setting is correct
    • Home: Patient receive hemodialysis or peritoneal (PD) treatment in their residence as defined by their permanent address.  
    • Dialysis Facility/Center: Patient travels to outpatient dialysis facility 3x per week to receive treatment.
    • SNF/Long Term Care Facility: Patient is receiving this dialysis treatment in a Skilled Nursing Facility (short term) within a Long Term Care Facility. This may or may not be the patient’s permanent address.





  • Verify Dialysis Time Period
    • Nocturnal: Slow, longer hemodialysis treatment that takes place at night while you sleep.
    • Daytime: Dialysis while patient is awake.
  • Verify the Primary Type of Treatment
    • Hemodialysis (include Sessions Per Week and Time Per Sessions (minutes))
    • CAPD
    • CCPD


  • Verify Attending Practitioner information


  • Verify Type of Dialysis Training information ONLY IF patient TRAINED for this Treatment modality
    • Hemodialysis: only if patient trained for home dialysis
    • CAPD: usually requires Training if CAPD is patient’s NEW home modality
    • CCPD: usually requires Training if CCPD is patient’s NEW home modality


  • Dialysis Training Start Date and Dialysis Training End Date should be populated IF patient TRAINED